Hi! I’m Katie, a recent graduate from Coventry University during the rather unusual year that has been 2020. I am an enthusiastic and conceptual designer that loves to experiment with the boundaries of design. Whilst at University I studied photography but I managed to never pick up a camera for more than 30 minutes! Instead, I could be found at my computer developing unique, conceptual projects that considered photography as part of a larger system of communication. These communication methods have translated into my design work as I find alternative ways to engage an audience in the work that I produce.

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Project Highlights

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I've recently had the opportunity to produce some patterns for a major, international fashion retailer - exciting!

I never thought I could draw but I've proven myself wrong and now they could be appearing on clothes soon. This isn't one of the patterns, I can't show you those yet but I have started doing more pattern production as a result. 

Click here to go to the Countryside Florals Collection that I have been designing.

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Lockdown has been a weird time for everyone but I have found myself being more creative than ever. 

Whilst cleaning my teeth one day, I thought about how my emotions have been effected due to lockdown. I started producing an emotion tracker that would help me address and conquer any emotions from the day. Putting this into a visual demonstration was important to me, words became overwhelming. Morse Code became a good communication tool and Morse Board was developed.

See the project here